Adrenal Fatigue



Hormonal balance is a key factor in optimal adrenal function.  When the adrenal glands function below a necessary level, our bodies give off signs and symptoms known as adrenal fatigue.  Adrenal fatigue is usually associated with stress (physical, emotional, or psychological) through hormones that help in regulating body functions such as: heart rate, muscle function, how you cope with stressful situations, how you produce and store energy, metabolism, etc.  A few examples that may have an effect on your adrenal glands could be: a death in the family (emotional), a recent surgery (physical), or dealing with constant, prolonged stress (psychological).  Other factors that cause adrenal fatigue may include: not getting enough sleep, poor diet, chronic illnesses, infections, dealing with too many pressures, etc.

Whenever adrenal gland function is reduced (mildly or greatly), every organ in your body may become affected.  The body tries to overcompensate and work with the adrenal function it has, which often causes more issues.  Millions of Americans are affected by adrenal fatigue, yet conventional medicine has not yet identified it as a syndrome and, despite the big impact it can have on your health, it is often overlooked.



At Prime Pharmacy, we offer many options to assist you in treating adrenal fatigue. With a written prescription from your physician, we are able to provide adrenal support compounds to help get your hormones back in balance. Some options include: Natural hormone (male and female) replacement creams or gels, DHEA capsules, Pregnenolone SR capsules, Cortisol SR capsules, Thyroid capsules, and Melatonin troches.


Symptoms of adrenal fatigue may include (but are not limited to) the following:


  • It seems that you never get enough sleep
  • You have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning
  • You need excessive amounts of coffee, soda, or energy drinks to get you through the day
  • Feeling overly stressed
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Difficulty overcoming an illness
  • Adrenal fatigue can affect your overall health and sense of well-being.