What is Compounding?

Compounding provides an opportunity to create unique blends of pharmaceuticals and supplements to treat a variety of conditions for individual patients.  Compounding allows the physician and pharmacist to target an individual solution that is designed for your body and set of conditions unique to you. Because they are designed with you in mind, compounded medications can often be more effective, quicker acting and leave you with fewer side effects.

At Prime Pharmacy, our specialty-trained pharmacists and technicians are able to compound prescriptions designed uniquely for your needs.


Get Your Dosage More Easily

Compounded medications can be administered in an assortment of different ways that are selected to enhance effectiveness (topical pain medication for localized pain), make ingestion easier (liquid dosage forms of solid medications for those who can’t swallow pills or tablets) or make easier on the palate (flavoring).

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Compounding For A Range Of Therapies

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