Dental Preparations

Dentistry is a perfect fit for pharmacy compounding.  Therapeutic options available to dentists can often be extremely limited. Commercially available medications are manufactured in large quantities that are limited to certain strengths and dosage forms.  A dentist may treat a 5 year old getting a cavity filled during one appointment, and fit a senior citizen for dentures during another.  The Prime Pharmacy has the ability to customize a specific strength and dosage form that is prepared specifically for an individual person.  Having the ability to prescribe a medication to such a vast range of patients is easy with compounded medications.




Upon receiving a prescription from your medical provider, Prime Pharmacy is able to compound the following:

  • Preparations for procedural anxiety
  • Topical pain creams or gels
  • Topical gels for nausea
  • Topical anesthetics
  • Lollipops for oral thrush
  • Lollipops for oral pain
  • Lollipops or Troches to help with gag reflex
  • Dry socket preparations
  • Anti-bacterial rinses for gum disease
  • Oral rinses for chemotherapy-induced stomatitis

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